It’s Been A While

Life has been busy around here so I haven’t posted in a while, but I have thought about the blog and what I could post. I’ve also been posting photos to Instagram on occasion. I’ve tried making a few new things and cooked some things I haven’t made for a while. I’ve even gained and lost some things I can eat in restaurants due to menu changes.  Two years after my diagnosis I’m finding I respond better to some foods now than I did before or even not at all (woohoo!) and in a few cases wonder if it was something else I ate or if it was really so long ago that I still had SIBO and that’s why. Either way I’ve learned to be careful what I say because my 3 year old is picking up on things and I keep having to reassure him his belly is O.K. Let’s hope he never inherits any of this from me. SIBO + non-hereditary fructose malabsorption + IBS-C is no fun. Well, it’s a maybe on the IBS, but the symptoms are the same as the FM and I only seem to primarily react to fructose so it is close enough for me.


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