Classic Tomato Soup

With the weather finally getting colder after a warm start to the winter I started craving soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, which for me means tomato soup. I’ve never made it from scratch before but had some leftover tomato sauce from making pizza a couple of nights before so thought I would try it. I looked online for a recipe and found this Classic Tomato Soup recipe from Chowhound which I followed with a few modifications either because it was a FODMAP or in the case of the red pepper flakes, I was out. Since I already had the tomato sauce I used a slightly smaller can of Plum tomatoes which the recipe recommends since they’re sweeter and less acidic. Even with these changes my husband thought it was just the way he likes it, which is saying something for him.

Here are the modifications I made:

  • No onions (I’ve yet to re-add/test them)
  • Use garlic infused olive oil in place of cloves of garlic
  • No red pepper flakes (I was out & are they a FODMAP?)
  • Use FODMAP Free Chicken Broth

I’ll be making this recipe again soon. Enjoy!

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