CAKE! Chocolate Cake To Be Exact…

So, I’ve been craving chocolate cake for what feels like a month and no amount of sweets seems to have fixed that. I decided to make a cake from scratch which is something I’ve not done too many times unless I’m making a bundt cake or a couple of recipes that start with a mix. However, since even “made from scratch” grocery store cakes contain the dreaded HFCS I resorted to making one from scratch. The only good thing about dropping HFCS is I’ve kept 20 pounds off (this includes the sugar from no more soft drinks as well I’m sure). I’ve been told a little HFCS might be OK, but with as much of a drastic improvement as I had when dropping it and getting rid of my SIBO it isn’t gonna happen.

Since I’m rather a cake baking novice, as noted, I searched online and found this rather uncomplicated recipe from Hershey’s. There was also this layer cake that I found, but that will have to wait for when 2/3 of the humans in the house aren’t battling upper respiratory infections…and I obtain a second round springform cake pan.


Note: I used Ghiradelli Chocolate Unsweetened Cocoa Powder. Also, I have no restrictions for lactose or gluten so some modifications may be needed if you do.

I have *ahem* devoured enough of this cake thus far to assume it is safe even though I only made it yesterday. Maybe I’m just a novice and should’ve made the frosting with a mixer, but it might as well have been a lava cake for as thick as I could get it after several minutes of handmixing with a whisk. Also, I forgot to put the cocoa powder in the cake and realized this after it had been in the oven so it turned out as a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Whoopsie.

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