Classic Chicken & Dumplings

I recently made this Classic Chicken and Dumplings recipe from Real Simple using a few modifications to make it more low FODMAP friendly. I did this by leaving out the onion and garlic and using only about 1/4 of the celery called for. Celery doesn’t particularly like me, but I didn’t want to leave out all of the good stuff. I made 8 dumplings like it said and it took 2-3 times as long for the dumplings to cook. I ate it 3 days/nights in a row for either dinner or lunch with minimal symptoms and plan on making it again. Also, this was my first time making dumplings and it actually worked! I thought for sure they’d take a few tries to get it right.

Side note: Apparently my definition of a stalk of celery has always been way off as I thought a stalk meant one piece from the bunch you buy at the store. I didn’t realize that whole bunch was all one stalk! I used 4 pieces from the bag of already trimmed celery that was equal to 2 stalks.

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