Peppermint Sticks

One of the things I have missed since before my definitive diagnosis is gum and mints. I had stomach pains about 2 hours after chewing gum once and stopped it cold turkey incase the sugar alcohols were getting me after a dietitian said that could be the cause. On a rare trip to Wal-Mart the other day there was a display of candy including Howe peppermint sticks in the middle of the main aisle and I stopped and read the ingredients. I was thrilled to find there was only 4 ingredients and as best as I could remember they weren’t on the bad list (like high fructose corn syrup, honey, etc) and remembered being told that peppermint oil can help calm your gut…as if I needed another excuse to buy them! I’ve eaten nearly a dozen over the last week and am happy to say I’m relatively symptom free. I know the symptoms I did have were because Moe’s was giving away free queso and I couldn’t help taking a few bites. I know this from past experience elsewhere so I’m not blaming Moe’s here, but the peppers, etc. It was worth it though if I’d eaten more I might not be saying that.

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