Testing Sun-Dried Tomatoes

One of the things I have missed on occasion since having G.I. issues is sun-dried tomatoes. They are rated a yellow for Fructose in The Monash University app which says 2 pieces are tolerated so I have held off on trying them again as when you have Fructose Malabsorption, SIBO, and *maybe* IBS too, you get reluctant to eat the wrong thing. Now that the SIBO has been gone since the start of the year  and I was finally diagnosed in May after 10 months of problems I realized some things which bothered me before (major understatement) are tolerated again and it was the SIBO and not the other two that was at fault in some of these cases.  Also, eliminating High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) has been a major improvement for me.

About a month back I bought a 7 oz jar of Alessi sun-dried tomatoes packed in olive oil to try and last night I a) remembered I had it in the cabinet and b) had been feeling good so decided it was a good time to test something else. I looked up some recipes and found this Penne With Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto recipe on Food Network and just left out the garlic since I’m still trying to figure out if garlic is tolerated since I’ve gotten out of the habit of trying new things 4 days in a row and just eat things  1 or 2 days in a row and think, “Hmmm, ok I did ok there and I don’t normally eat the same this that often so I’m good.” which I’m sure my nutritionist would be royally annoyed by. He seems to be that way. I don’t recommend adding the salt as this stuff is 19% salt to begin with and boy do you ever taste it. I may try another brand next time if they have less salt. I did well with last night’s serving which was just adding a forkful of sauce to my gluten-free pasta rather than mixing the whole thing together in part because I’m testing it and because I didn’t think the toddler would go for it as he’s turned picky/stubborn/independent when it comes to dinner lately. I used the gluten-free pasta because that’s the box my husband took out of the cabinet and I do benefit from restricting my gluten when I have been eating heavy amounts of bread and crackers or something lately, but it isn’t always an issue for me. That and I refuse to give up flour tortillas. I plan on eating it for dinner again tonight if my pasta hasn’t dried out as the brand I used seems to not work for leftovers as so far it has always been petrified in the fridge the next day.

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