Nutritionix: Nutrition, Allergen Lists, & Google Knowledge Graph

When I first started the low FODMAP diet I checked the allergen information for Boston Market (under nutrition) on their website using my cellphone and was delighted to stumble on a tool they use called nutritionix. I wish all restaurants used this! Being able to narrow down my meal options based on whether it contained gluten or lactose without having to read through every menu item on a PDF on a small screen was great. Boston Market is definitely doing it right the way they use this tool.

Also, check out this blog post Nutritionix now integrates with Google’s Knowledge Graph. I didn’t know you could do this. The geek in me must now check out Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Note: I’m not affiliated with nutritionix or Boston Market in any way. I was just delighted this tool made my life a little easier and wish more restaurants would do away with only offering PDF downloads in this increasingly mobile world.

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