Although the dietitian and nutritionist never want to discuss it, I have found some sweets that work for me. I mean, yes most of us need to eat healthier, but I can’t deny myself 100% of the time. Although, being a Texas girl with family from the South I will seriously miss a good pecan pie. I’m salivating just thinking about one. Moving on.

As I’ve said before, and probably will in some form ad nauseam, these work for me but your mileage may vary. Also, I don’t make any money from links to or by mentions of any brands I’m just sharing what works for me. As some of you may have found you might be able to eat something as simple as a potato chip in one brand, but another brand makes you sick.

Walkers shortbread cookies have worked for me for 3 or 4 boxes now. I just bought my first box of their gluten-free variety today and honestly didn’t taste a difference. I normally buy the scotty dog shaped cookies. These cookies only have four ingredients which is nice to see. Look for the red tartan plaid box if you want to try them. I just took a second double-checking on the four ingredient thing.

Keeping Enjoy Life Mini Chips in the cabinet has been a life saver for me at times after staring at all those candy bars at every checkout known to mankind or attending a kid’s birthday party where I am too afraid to touch the cake because there’s no ingredient list. I’m a very picky eater and these pass the taste test for me.
Note: The dark chocolate variety does not agree with me! I miss my 60% cacao chocolate.

Quite early on in this I tried Enjoy Life’s crunchy Double Chocolate cookies and they seemed to work for me, then something made me achy, possibly the soft Double Chocolate Brownie variety or something else I happened to eat around that time and now I’m afraid to try them again.

Make’n Mold Candy Wafers – Red Vanilla flavor
I may or may not have been eating the extra/leftover bag of wafers all by themselves a few at a time. I discovered they were safe for me when I kept eating them while making suckers for my son’s 2nd birthday party.

Mrs. Thinsters Cookie Thins Cake Batter Cookie Thins
I ate the whole bag of Cookie Thins in less than a week. Not that it is a big bag, but I went to an Oktoberfest party where there was hardly anything I could eat besides pretzels and I ate these on the way there and the way home, etc.

Artisan Snowball Cookies (vanilla flavor)
These bite-size crispy powdered domes can be found at Aldi. I tolerate them well having eaten up to 6 in a day once or twice.

Remember, I am not affiliated with the products not do I earn anything from sharing these links. I’m just linking to these products so you can see what I am talking about and spot them easier in stores to try for yourself.

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