Category Descriptions

If you’d like to understand the thoughts behind my category choices, read on. I’ve been learning about the whole fructose and FODMAP life for less than a year now, so we’ll see how things evolve as time goes on.

These recipes are gluten free, or can be easily modified to be gluten-free, but may not necessarily be fructose or FODMAP free as I started saving them when they started out assuming I might have Celiac disease, which I don’t. For example, you may need to leave out something like honey or garlic. Also, I can tolerate some gluten/fructans, and am just reducing my overall consumption of things like bread, tortillas, and crackers. I also occasionally swap out my pasta with gluten-free rice or corn pasta. I had a *very* carb/pasta heavy diet in the past and would have sandwiches every day sometimes, but not anymore.

Not necessarily to do with fructose and FODMAPS, but somehow food related and hopefully interesting to you as well.

To Be Tested
Recipes I’ve saved, but have yet to try.

Tried It
Recipes I’ve tried, and which may or may not have worked for me. Mostly worked, but if you have Fructose Malabsorption you know what works for one may not work for another, or so I keep hearing.

Little things I’ve learned along the way as I expand my cooking skills and fructose and FODMAPs knowledge.

Various apps, websites, and books I’ve found that I am looking into or have found something helpful in.

Longer posts, musings, thoughts, etc.

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